About our Sod

We grow our sod locally with Thermal Blue Bluegrass blends.  This consists of only sod quality seed that is a blend of bluegrasses.  There are many benefits in purchasing locally grown sod:

  • Sod grown on native soils adapt and roots down quicker
  • A shorter period between the harvest at the farm to your location for a fresher, healthier product.
  • Experience and familiarity of the regions climatic conditions and soils can help in the education and customization of a program for maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn in your area

Hybrid bluegrasses (HGB) are a cross between Kentucky Bluegrass and Texas Bluegrass. The benefits of using Thermal Bluegrass in our blend consists of:  deeper roots, long season color with early spring green up, rapid recovery from stress or injury, better heat and drought tolerance and denser turf for better tolerance to traffic and shade.  Tests from Rutgers University, CSU, and Kansas State have confirmed that HBG’s are more drought resistant and require less water than KBG’s and tall fescue.

Choosing to install a new lawn can be a sizable investment, so let us provide you with top quality product to ensure your lawn is picture perfect.